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Maryland Higher Ed Bill

Senator Brian Feldman and Delegate Joseline Pena Melnyk introduced higher education legislation to study how Maryland colleges and universities are supporting students with chronic health conditions. Former Delegate Aruna Miller first introduced this bill in 2018, when it unanimously passed all chambers in the house. Time precluded a senate vote.

On January 20, 2021, we were invited to testify for the hearings in the house and senate. Cara Purdy and Natasha Bhagat from PPC's Young Adult Council joined me to inform the senate committee about the need for this bill. That afternoon, Sneha Dave from Health Advocacy Summit joined us to testify in the house. I think all will agree that the testimony from these young adults was compelling and amazing

A number of organizations and individuals provided oral and/or written testimony in support of our bill. Thank you!!!

The fiscal policy note reveals that the University System of Maryland does not have specific accommodations for students with chronic conditions. This is an impoinding. ADA is presumed to support students with chronic conditions, but schools, colleges and employers do not understand the need to accommodate conditions that are episodic, unpredictable and sometimes debilitating.

SB 147 Fiscal and Policy Note
Download PDF • 155KB

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