"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."


                                    Margaret Mead 

About Us


Physician-Parent Caregivers (PPC) was created by one mother after her inability to obtain safe and quality health care for her own daughter when she became critically ill.

PPC is the first and only national charitable organization exclusively devoted to advancing the quality of care and quality of life for young adults with chronic conditions. After discovering that this population is not recognized, we made a commitment to raising awareness on their behalf

PPC is a volunteer expert board run organization. We are grateful to the cadre of board members, physicians, policy experts, organizations parents and young adults who invested their time and energy to conduct a stakeholder and systems analysis in medicine, government and health policy over the past decade. Our quest is to see that Young Invisibles have quality health care and quality life.


Advancing quality health care and quality of life for young adults with chronic health conditions.


A world that embraces young adults with chronic health conditions so they feel safe to be their true selves and have the support to flourish


U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen

PPC’s Champion since inception. Senator Van Hollen of Maryland upholds the truth and seeks equality and justice for all people. He has been and continues to be a passionate steward leader for Young Invisibles and their families.

Board of Directors

Striving for Equality

Santi KM Bhagat, MD, MPH

Founder and President

Advocate for Quality Health Care and Quality of Life for Young Adults with Chronic Conditions

Kavita Patel, MD, MSHS

Vice President and Secretary

Medical Contributor, MSNBC
Director of Policy for Health Care Reform, Obama White House
Deputy Staff Director on Health, Senator Kennedy
Non-Resident Fellow, Brookings

Kathryn Cuddapah, CPA


Director of Tax Services for Non-Profits and Associations, Aronson LLC


General Support


Johnny Suite

Invisible Wave Ambassador


Invisible Wave Ambassador

Pro Bono Legal Counsel

PPC In-Residence

Leslie Vogel,

Physician-Parent Psychiatrist In-Residence

Marcella Johnstone

Stylist In-Residence

Council of Advisors

Andrew Becker


Sandra Caskie


Hank Chambers


Sophia Jan 


Paul Lipkin


Kitty O'Hare


Anu Sidhu 

MD - Young Invisible

Robin Strongin


Kona Town, LLC

Stick Figure

Pro Bono Music

Tim Murray

Graphic Artist

Violet Salon

Paul Strumph


Madeline Will

David Wood


Ajinomoto Cambrooke

"The future depends on what we do in the present"


                           Mahatma Gandhi

Physician-Parent Caregivers, PPC, is s 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity. 

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