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Pursuing Quality Health Care
for Young Adults with
Chronic Conditions

The FUTURE of our nation depends on the health of young adults.

Young Invisibles (Yi) -- Young adults aged 18-35 with chronic medical conditions -- comprise a new population that has emerged almost unnoticed.  One in four young adults belongs to this group. This overlooked population of medical miracles is invisible to society and keeps their conditions a secret for fear of being misunderstood, judged or ignored.


The New 21st Century Priority Population

You may not have heard about this hidden population because they were not expected to be here. Several decades ago, few children would have survived their chronic conditions. Advances in medicine and technology enabled pediatricians to save over 90% of these young lives so they are now living into young adulthood and beyond. An estimated 20 million young adults have chronic conditions, but society and government have yet to recognize and prioritize this vulnerable population.

Caught by surprise, the health care and health policy sectors were unprepared to address their needs. As a result, these young adults have no supports or services beyond pediatrics, high school, and their parents. Although federal and state data provide a snapshot on children with special health care needs, there is minimal follow up into young adulthood. The health system simply doesn't understand Young Invisibles. 

In January 2020 - 
We launched Invisible Wave, our grassroots social movement for Young Invisibles.



Invisible Summit & Concert

1:25:49 COVID-19 with PBS Anchor Judy Woodruff and U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen



2:05 What is PPC? 

4:16 The Invisible Wave Movement

18:55 Performance by Kaleo Wassman 

24:01 Framing the Issues 

25:11 Doctors Panel 

47:46 Young Women’s Health 

1:04:35 Young Men’s Health 

1:25:49 COVID-19 with PBS Anchor Judy Woodruff and U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen

1:54:22 Maryland College Legislation 

2:16:23 Performance by Maile 

2:20:29 Invisible Wave Volunteers 

2:40:45 Q&A with Kaleo Wassman 

2:50:14 Concert

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