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Invisible Summit and Benefit Concert

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

On December 5, 2020, PPC and Invisible Wave held our first joint event. Our ambassadors, guests, doctors, volunteers and young adults came together to put on a thought provoking, informative and captivating summit.

Nik, the leader of Invisible Wave, and Kaleo, iWave spokesperson, gave us a glimpse on how this movement started and then Kaleo sang for us – so beautiful.

Our doctors explained why young adult health care matters – and what it is. These doctors understand. They live it in their personal lives, and they are some of the first physicians who worked on health care transition. Thank you Dr. Strumph and Dr. Wood:).

Our young adults captured the audience with their poignant stories. We heard from young women and from young men. Our volunteers shared a bit about themselves and why iWave is important to them.

PBS Anchor Judy Woodruff and U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen graced the summit. MSNBC medical contributor, Dr. Kavita Patel covered Covid-19, and Dr. Lauren Wisk shared her exciting new data on the impact of covid on young adults with chronic conditions. Judy captivated the panel and audience as she led a provocative and stimulating conversation.

Kala, the largest ukulele company, donated a ukulele signed by Kaleo. One lucky young lady won the raffle:)

The grand finale was a concert with iWave’s musician ambassadors: Kaleo, Johnny Suite and Maile. Sweet sweet endings.

Watch the event. This link takes you to the Summit Covid-19 session with PBS Anchor Judy Woodruff and Senator Van Hollen

The event sessions and timings are:

2:05​ What is PPC?

4:16​ The Invisible Wave Movement

18:55​ Performance by Kaleo Wassman

24:01​ Framing the Issues

25:11​ Doctors Panel

47:46​ Young Women’s Health

1:04:35​ Young Men’s Health

1:25:49​ COVID-19 Panel with PBS Anchor Judy Woodruff and Senator Van Hollen

1:54:22​ Maryland College Legislation

2:16:23​ Performance by Maile

2:20:29​ Invisible Wave Volunteers

2:40:45​ Q&A with Kaleo Wassman

2:50:14​ Concert

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