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2017 Policy Brief:

The New 21st Century Priority Population


Young Invisibles--young adults aged 18-34 with chronic health conditions, many who would
have died in childhood if it were not for today’s advances in science and technology - comprise
a new population, one that has been silently exploding.

Advances in medicine have increased survival into adulthood for 90% of children with chronic
conditions, yet morbidity and mortality frequently rise during the young adult years, a
development that has been largely unrecognized by the health care sector and health policy

Like their healthy peers, Young Invisibles struggle to figure out how to live on their own,
complete their educational degrees, get the right job and find their lifelong partner. But given
their chronic conditions those goals are much harder to achieve…

THE CHALLENGE: Very few people see Young Invisibles or know of their struggle, resulting in
catastrophic consequences.…

THE SOLUTION: Young Invisibles Must Be Designated a National Priority Population…

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