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Ode To Our Children

We are Physician-Parent Caregivers. We start our journey feeling desperately alone. Along the path which bears our footprints only, or so we think – a fellow traveler suddenly emerges. In the dusty terrain which has blinded us on every dirt road, we recognize each other – embattled, exhausted, but powerfully resilient.

No one knows how it feels to be lost in the way that we are. Nor do they know how tenaciously we will fight – to save, to nurture, to protect our beautiful young adult children overtaken by illness. We are doctors schooled in science and logic, but what do we talk about? Love. And what keeps us going? Passion. That magical flame we recognize in each other. Not gaudy, not dramatic – but enduring and profound.

Our children are young adults now. Their illnesses intrude stubbornly upon the vibrant lives they wish to live. But we find ways to connect, and to make things “good enough.” For now. We, the Physician-Parent Caregivers, hold tightly to the one thing no one can take from these wounded heroes – their dreams.

It is our responsibility to keep those dreams going, because weariness is a formidable enemy. So this is what I say to our wondrous children - yours, and mine:

When your nerves are on fire and betray you; when seizures make you drop to the ground; when everyday movements cannot be done; when pain is all around  -   we, your physician parents - will forever stand our ground.

Dr. Vogel

Physician-Parent Psychiatrist In-Residence, PPC

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